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Shop Sarah Jessica Parker’s Favorite Eye Liner: ‘I Always Have It’

There’s one thing SJP is rarely seen without.

From her perfectly highlighted hair down to her SJP shoes, Sarah Jessica Parker has been a constant source of fashion and beauty inspiration. And lucky for us the Divorce actress and shoe designer, revealed some of her secrets on Wednesday night’s after show for Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. And the truth is, one of her most major beauty tricks is simpler than you’d think.

Aside from her waves and a pair of glittery pumps, there’s one thing SJP is rarely seen without: eye liner smudged around her eyes in the most effortless-yet-perfect way possible. Sure, it might always look like the work of a makeup artist, but the star says it’s thanks to one go-to makeup item, the Caviar Eyeliner from Laura Mercier in Jungle. “I always have it,” she gushed about the olive green shade, which doubles as an eye shadow. “Because I don’t basically wear anything else. I don’t wear a base or anything.”

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And when it comes to fashion, Parker says despite playing one of the most fashion-forward characters on TV history (Carrie Bradshaw) she doesn’t know anything about trends — and she didn’t love Bradshaw’s iconic wardrobe.

“I don’t but I don’t care. When you’re working with someone like Pat Fields, you do anything. That’s the beauty of playing a character who has absolutely no concern about what other people think about the way she chooses to present herself. It’s like total liberation. So there’s like no arrow that hurt.”

This Fitness Blogger Just Proved How Easy It Is to Edit Your Butt in Bikini Photos

Sia Cooper calls out these booty-popping tricks and cellulite erasers.

Sia Cooper is on a roll when it comes to demystifying social media images. On Tuesday, the fitness blogger shared a before-and-after photo of herself at the beach. She presented two variations: real and edited. In the edited version, Cooper’s cellulite is gone, her waist and thighs are smaller, and her butt is more bootylicious.

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“It’s so easy to edit a photo these days,” she wrote. “No, I’m not even talking about Photoshop. I’m talking these little iPhone apps that allow you to smooth cellulite, slim waists and thighs, and make your booty bigger. Crazy right?”

Cooper shared that it took her less than a minute to make these changes to her Maui vacation photo, and she said celebrities and fitness models often use the same manipulation strategy. She hopes this insight will help women understand that influencer-edited images should not influence them.

“I’m not saying to stop believing everything you see,” she said. “Just stop COMPARING. You’re a queen and the only person you need to focus on and compare yourself to is the gal you were yesterday.”

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Cooper has long called out ocial media body manipulation tricks, showing just how easy it is to make yourself look more Instagram-ready with the right pose and adjustment. Just last month, she posted a photo of her stretch marks to send a message about embracing flaws.

“It seems so sad to me that the world is so focused on attaining a certain weight or dress size,” she wrote. “It’s a shame because there are a lot of women out there who are covered in tiger stripes or a size 8 and are amazingly BEAUTIFUL AND STRONG … Fight against a world who is constantly telling you that you’re not enough.”

The Best Nude Nail Polish for Every Skin Tone

Some good news: nude nail polish, which pretty much works with every outfit and looks great on all skin tones, is going to be trending this winter. “Nude shades are neutral enough to enhance any nail shape or length, and work with all skin tones,” says celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders.

Don’t just reach for any bottle, though—unfortunately, not all nude hues are created equal. Instead, pick up one of these tried-and-true manicurist favorites.

Once you have your color in hand, these tips will help you ace the neutral look. First, prepare your nail for a nude shade. Then, brush a nail-smoothing, ridge-filling base coat on over clean, dry nails. Finish with two coats of polish. But “keep the polish application as thin as possible to avoid a streaky result,” says celebrity nail artist Tracylee Percival. As for touch-ups, “Simply take a white nail buffer and smooth away any chipped edges, before applying another coat of polish,” adds Saunders. A quality top coat will give new life to the shade.

The Hair Removal Device That Made De-Fuzzing My Face Easier

This genius gadget makes unwanted hair all better.

Oh, the joys of unwanted facial hair. Growing up with dark, curly hair means that facial hair removal has been a part of my vocabulary and beauty routine for as long as I can remember. I still have flashbacks to the moment when my family and I were out to dinner and my little brother yelled across the table, “Heather has a mustache!” I was mortified. (Thanks, Mike.) It was then that my uphill battle with hair removal began.

First, I tried tackling it with at-home waxing kits (ouch) and DIY depilatory creams, which stung and stunk (literally). I tried “professional” waxing at my local nail salon (whoops), which left my skin red and bumpy. Sure, some of these hair removal methods helped get rid of the hair but most had crappy side effects that made me debate if leaving the hair was the better option. When I moved to New York and became a beauty editor, I was excited to try all of the new options available. I gave threading a whirl, arguably the most painful method in my opinion.

The Hair Removal Device That Made De-Fuzzing My Face Easier

Then I attempted laser hair removal at a dermatologist’s office. The technician told me to chew gum and place it under my upper lip during the treatment (a really helpful tip). I made it to four consecutive appointments, then stopped because traveling the the Upper East Side on my lunch break just wasn’t sustainable. Then, while doing an interview with a reputable esthetician, I realized that men weren’t the only ones shaving their faces. Turns out, some of my fellow beauty editors were doing just that, as a quick, painless way to remove upper lip fuzz and even chin hairs. Guys, it worked. I didn’t need an appointment, I could do it in the comfort of my own (closed door) bathroom, and, best of all, it didn’t hurt. And, no, the hair didn’t come back darker or thicker (derms say that’s a myth). I even discovered some “sexier” razor options, like a slim, pastel-handled razor from Tinkle, which was my go-to until I was introduced to the little gadget that changed my life (drum roll, please)—the Flawless Finishing Touch ($20;

Yes, the name sounds a little gimmicky and yes, it’s something you might see pop up in an infomercial, but it works. It’s a handheld, battery-operated white and 18-karat gold-plated (TSA-approved!) device that cuts hair at the surface and sweeps it away. You use it on clean, dry skin (this is key), moving in circular motions. It works on cheek peach fuzz (my foundation has never gone on smoother) as well as, dark, coarse hair (think: upper lip stubble). A few other highlights: It has a built-in light so you can see the hairs even in poorly lit places and, the kicker, you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow to use it (unlike most methods). You can use it everyday. Talk about satisfying—after you use it, simply twist off the cap and dump out the fuzz (which might resemble a tiny cotton tail). And, in case you’re shy about hair removal (I’m obviously not), its chic white case will ensure no one else knows what the heck it is.

These 13 Women Prove Every Body Is a Bikini Body

If your feeds are anything like ours, now that spring is officially here, they’re filled with strong, body-positive women coming out in full force to change the way people view beauty at the beach. These ladies know it’s an uphill battle, but they are fighting for much-needed acceptance–and. we. are. here. for. it!

From bloggers to entrepreneurs to curvy models, these women don’t give the slightest damn about what haters have to say. Here, 13 women who want you to know that if you have a body, then it’s a bikini body.

Gabi Gregg

This blogger and designer is filling the gap in the swimwear market with her GabiFresh collection with Swimsuits for All, providing fashion-forward options for women of all sizes. Surrounded by a group of happy, beautiful women modeling her suits Gabi captions this ‘gram, “I’m so proud of this campaign because it includes the nine beautiful women from my open casting call, ranging from size 10-26. It was such an amazing experience to meet and work with all of them, and we had a blast shooting at the Santa Monica Pier.” How do we score an invite to join this awesome girl gang?

Callie Thorpe

I’m back home in the UK and unfortunately back to reality so today we went and did our food shop. I’ve decided to take part in #cookjan a community project to cook in jan started by @smokintofu so I wrote out some meal plans. As you may know I love cooking so I wanted to get myself a new cookbook to try some new recipes. When I went to the book section I saw that all the fab cookbooks I saw at Christmas had been replaced with diet books with titles like ‘how to get the bikini body you want with these easy steps’ ‘The quick and easy way to lose weight’ ‘Burn fat fast’ I need to firstly say I don’t have an issue with people choosing to lose weight because I believe you have to do what’s best for your personal body and well being and only you know how you feel. What I can’t get on board with are diets that make you feel like you are disgusting/ugly/in worthy because you don’t have a perfect body. All bodies can wear bikinis, every woman should be able to feel the sunshine on her skin and enjoy a swim in ocean, that is wellness, that is good for you. Dangerous diets are not good for you. Weight loss teas are not good for you. Hateful thoughts are not good for you. So please don’t let these diet plans/books/videos make you feel worthless because remember beauty is more than skin deep. So here I am in my bikini bod, I’m not ripped, I don’t have a thigh gap and quite frankly I don’t care. Don’t let January grind you down because you deserve much better than that.

A post shared by Callie Thorpe (@calliethorpe) on Jan 10, 2018 at 10:10am PST

We need Callie’s glow, like, yesterday. This gorgeous, confident model and writer encourages followers, “All bodies can wear bikinis, every woman should be able to feel the sunshine on her skin and enjoy a swim in ocean, that is wellness, that is good for you.”

Alexa Phelece

Rocking a sexy cutout swimsuit, the model and influencer writes, “Positivity can be contagious! Surround yourself with positive people!” We couldn’t agree more.

Danielle Vanier

Blogger Danielle opens up about strangers making negative comments directed at her body, telling followers that people have been putting her down her whole life. She’s used to rising above–and will continue to do so. “We’ve called people out on their fat-shaming shit all holiday, and I will always make sure I do it for as long as I live.”

Hayet Rida

We could not love Hayet any more than we do right now. She is #confidence goals and gives it to us straight, captioning this pic: “Say Helllllo to MY summer body!!! For all the women who are afraid to show your bodies because someone said it wasn’t good enough, I wrote this for you!!”

Aliss Bonython

We’re obsessed with Aliss’s bikini and sneakers beach-day look. She doesn’t hide herself or her past body struggles on social media, writing openly about being happy at any size now. “Wearing my bikini with confidence and pride this summer, come join! My goal in life is to make women appreciate their beauty and normalize all bodies. YOU are beautiful and YOU are worthy, and if I can help you realize that, I will keep going through everything.” Amen.


Editor Sam lets us know that positive body image starts with each one of us. It’s up to us to decide to recognize our beauty and that of people different from us. She writes, “Being #plussize doesn’t stop me from enjoying activities in my swimwear no matter where I am in the world. So here’s a pic, not edited in any way (like all my pics) you can choose to see the cellulite, arm fat and lumps on my size 18-20 body but I CHOOSE to see a woman enjoying the Budapest thermal baths, in a colorful swimsuit not caring about the opinions of others.”

Tanesha Awasthi

The Girl With Curves founder celebrated a 2016 Swimsuits for All body positivity campaign, writing, “Sharing #MySwimBody in honor of @swimsuitsforall‘s body positivity campaign, in hopes of encouraging you all to do the same!” She radiates strength and happiness.

Chanté Burkett

Influencer and entrepreneur Chanté is not afraid of the taboo behind talking about one’s weight and swimsuit size. She shows confidence and shares shopping tips–and we love her for it. Hashtagging her post with “effyourbeautystandards,” we are bowing down to this boss.

Miho Fuji

Confidence is the best accessory @swimsuitsforall

A post shared by Miho Fuji (@mihoimi) on Oct 5, 2017 at 7:47pm PDT

Poised and fearless, actress, model, and comedian Miho captions her ‘gram: “Confidence is the best accessory.” She clearly talks the talk and walks the walk.

Teagan Brooke

Body positivity doesn’t happen overnight, and we love model Teagan for detailing how she has come to love a part of her that she originally viewed as flawed. “As I’ve matured and grown to love my body unconditionally, the most difficult challenge for me was to embrace my tummy. Not only do I see the woman’s belly as the source of life, but also the full soft belly is an extremely sensual area to cherish during love making, for the belly holds the energy for self-worth.”

Dana Patterson

We could all learn a lot about self-love from Dana. The model opened up in a recent pic: “I love showing my unwavering love for every part of my body. My back rolls, my chickenpox scars, my scars from volleyball, imperfect skin, acne, rashes etc. What I most enjoy about my platform is being honest, and not sugar-coating body image/body positivity.”

Loey Lane

Well hello there to all 500,000 of you! Thanks to my sweet pals over @tartecosmetics we’ve gained quite a few new followers recently… allow me to introduce (or re-introduce) myself! I’m Loey. I make a lot of content on this great big internet, including telling stories, talking about my favorite makeup & fashion products and (most importantly) spreading body positivity and self love. And for those who just dropped by to leave a nasty comment and not join our beautiful, love-filled community, I have a liiiiittle secret to fill you in on… I OWN A MIRROR 😱😱😱 You don’t have to tell me I’m fat because I already know! You know what else I am though? I’m a loyal friend, a hard worker, a dog (& cat) (& guinea pig) (& horse) (& reptile) mama. These are things the mirror isn’t going to show you. I love my life and I will never let how anyone perceives me to hold me back. When you’re sure in the person you are, you don’t have time for negativity and self-doubt. I don’t have anger to feed back to anyone who calls me names or thinks poorly of me due to my body size. I’m too busy reminding every last one of you (not so nice people included) that you’re perfect in your own skin. That raging war against yourself in the form of hating your body is unnecessary because you’re flawless the way you are. In EVERY stage your body lands in, whether you’re thin, fit, curvy, plus-size or anywhere in-between… You are worthy of love in all forms, and it starts with appreciating and loving yourself. Welcome to friends new and old and remember to be kind to yourself and others today. Also, suit is from my actual mom @theashleygraham and felt very fitting for this post ❤️

A post shared by Loey Lane (@loeybug) on Mar 26, 2018 at 12:44pm PDT

This inspirational YouTuber shook us up. Loey writes, “In EVERY stage your body lands in, whether you’re thin, fit, curvy, plus-size, or anywhere in-between… You are worthy of love in all forms, and it starts with appreciating and loving yourself.” Loey Lane for president, people.

10 Foods to Eat for Healthier Hair—Plus 4 Treatments to Try Now

It’s easy to run to the nearest beauty salon when your locks look dull or feel lifeless – but there are actually some natural solutions you can work into your routine from your very own kitchen.

Overall hair health, including strength and appearance, has been linked to the foods you’re eating. The basis of healthy hair starts with each strand’s individual composition, which can directly be influenced by the nutrients you may (or may not) be consuming.

Dr. Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, told Health that nutrients naturally found in some foods can influence the state of your keratin levels, the protein that makes up the composition of your hair and nails.

The key to hair production is protein and blood flow – the American Academy of Dermatology breaks down how each strand of hair begins to grow in the follicle, and it all starts with the root of your hair, which is made up of cells from protein. Your blood flow circulates across your scalp, supporting the root of each hair follicle, helping each strand to grow out fully over time. In addition to a myriad of other health issues, a lack of protein and poor blood circulation could affect how your own hair grows.

It might be tempting to seek out a short-term solution, but the secret to truly healthy hair lies in foods loaded with protein and nutrients that help restore strength and thickness to your locks.

Here’s a list of hair-strengthening foods and a few great ways to work them into your daily menu:


These nuts are full of shorter-chain omega-3 fatty acids, which the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics say are officially known as alpha-linolenic (ALA) acids. These omega-3 fatty acids help keep your hair sleek and hydrated as they reduce inflammation in your scalp and provide natural moisturizers in each follicle, Health reports.

Try this: Pan-Seared Salmon with Pear and Walnut Spinach Salad


Foods full of antioxidants and zinc, like oysters, can help restore the fullness to your hair as well as overall shine, according to Health. If you’re not a big fan of oysters, you might try increasing red meat consumption instead – but moderation is still key.

Try this: Roasted Oysters with Lemon-Anise Stuffing


Vitamin C is necessary for your body to maintain its protein levels, including the proteins used in the creation of your hair follicles. A cup of strawberries is only 49 calories and delivers 149 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Looking for other sources of vitamin C? Many citrus fruits will do the trick, as well as the equally powerful guava.

Try this: Strawberry-Chicken Salad with Pecans


There’s a reason why the American Heart Association recommends two servings of oily fish, like salmon, each week. Salmon is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids that help maintain your scalp’s oil levels by improving heart health and blood flow, which can directly affect the hydration of your hair. Unlike walnuts, the kind of omega-3s found in salmon are long-chain fatty acids known as eicosapetaenoic acids (EPA) and docosahexaeonic acids (DHA). If your hair is feeling particularly dull or lackluster, salmon is a wholesome ingredient to consider consuming on a more frequent basis.

Try this: Sautéed Salmon with Citrus Salsa

Whey Protein

Without sufficient protein in your system, Health says your hair can enter what’s known as a “resting phase” which can result in noticeable hair loss. If you’re feeling like your mane is thinner than usual, your protein consumption might be lacking. Try tossing some whey protein powder into your morning smoothie for an easy, no-cook way to boost your protein.

Try this: Berry Green Smoothie


Biotin is another important vitamin that can help your hair grow longer and stronger. The National Institute of Health recommends that adults seek out biotin vitamins attached to natural proteins and points to protein-rich items, including legumes such as chickpeas, black beans, and lentils.

Try this: Chickpea “Meatballs” with Crunchy Romaine Salad

Brown Rice and Quinoa

Other essential vitamins for Rapunzel-esque hair include niacin as well as vitamins B6 and B12, all found naturally in whole grains. The University of Maryland’s Medical Center points to niacin’s ability to improve circulation in the bloodstream, a must for the healthy growth of individual hair strands.

Try this: Quinoa Bowl with Avocado and Egg


Eggs pack a one-two punch of proteins and biotin – a hearty breakfast could be a great way to ensure your body is producing sufficient keratin.

Try this: Half-Moon Browned Omelet


A big cause of hair imperfections and even hair loss, according to the Mayo Clinic, is simple – stress. If you’re continually stressed out, there’s a good chance your hair will be the first to show it. To aid your body in fighting stress, the University of Kansas’ School of Medicine recommends seeking out foods that are high in magnesium, the element that makes up the structure of your teeth and bones and helps keep muscles relaxed and blood pressure low. The National Institute of Health shares that an ounce of almonds can provide you with up to 20 percent of your recommended daily value of magnesium – leafy greens and whole grains are also great sources.

Try This: Avocado and Almond Leafy Salad


Another cause of thin and weak hair is iron deficiency. Many people with low iron turn to supplements, but you can actually find iron naturally in red meat, says the National Institute of Health. Other sources of iron include leafy greens, beans, and iron-fortified cereals and breads.

Try this: Slow-Cooker Thai Beef Curry

When changing your diet isn’t enough, adding a conditioning treatment can help strengthen, soften, and smooth your hair—from the inside out. Here are four products we love.

Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

Deeply conditions with argan oil and anti-breakage ingredients that help improve strands’ flexibility. Can be used daily or weekly and works in less than five minutes. $15,

The Ultimate One Repair Mask

This luxurious mask from hair genius Frédéric Fekkai helps deliver less breakage after just one use. It mends split ends and shields against environmental stressors—plus, it smells amazing. $42,

Oribe Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo Intensive Treatment

It may feel odd to add a treatment before you cleanse, but this product helps deeply hydrate, nixes frizz, and improves elasticity without weighing hair down. $68,

Budget pick: Garnier Fructis Treat Hair Masks

This is a one-stop shop: Use it as a hair mask, conditioner, or even as a leave-in treatment. Available in five different “flavors,” each delivering specialized results. $4.50,

This Is the $6 Mascara That Kim Kardashian Has Been Using for Years

She could afford a mascara made of diamonds if she wanted it, yet she relies on this drugstore favorite. Consider us sold.

Mascara is one of those beauty products that even the most low maintenance women reach for from time to time because as cliche as it may sound, a few swipes of the inky black formula have the power to change how you look and feel. While there are mascara offerings at every price point that range from silicone wands to micro sizes and so on, sometimes all you need is a $6 version to perk up your face—and Kim Kardashian agrees.

Kardashian recently took to her app to share that she has been using L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black ($6;,, or “for years.” She also references her long-time makeup artist and friend Mario Dedivanovic, saying, “it’s one of his fav too—we use it all the time.” What she likes about this drugstore formula: “It’s the perfect shade of black and it really lifts and separates each lash.” She even elaborates about how you can use it, too. “It’s perfect for an everyday look or you can layer on multiple coats for a more dramatic eye,” she says.

Of course, when I heard that KKW uses this mascara, I had to give it a go, too. Upon removing the wand from the matte black tube, the brush seemed familiar. It has a classic tapered shape with wider bristles on one end that come to a point, designed that way so that you can easily add length on the outer corners, but can also use the tip to get into the inner corner and coat those hairs as well.


I wiggled the brush back and forth from root to tip and noticed that while my lashes were separating in a way that I liked, there was also added volume—a combination that I almost never come across, which leads me to use multiple mascaras. While the formula was a little drier than what I typically use, it didn’t bother me and I didn’t find it to flake or get messy—a win in my book.

After a few swipes on the top and bottom lashes, I was thoroughly impressed. This bargain buy lengthened, darkened, and volumized my lashes exactly the way a pricier mascara would. Like Kim, I think this will become a staple in my makeup bag, too.

7 Women Who Are Embracing Their Facial Hair to Prove a Point About Beauty Standards

Female beauty standards have evolved a lot recently. But one stigma continues to endure: facial hair. While it’s totally normal to have a little or even a lot of fuzz on your chin, upper lip, or between your brows, most women still opt to hide or get rid of it by shaving, waxing, plucking, or bleaching. Yet increasing numbers of women are rebelling against the hair removal norm and instead are proudly letting it grow out naturally.

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The ladies behind this female facial hair movement are tired of all the time spent on maintenance, and they hope to spread a message about acceptance and self-love. Here’s what they say about their “excess” facial hair and why they’ve put down their razors once and for all.

Sophia Hadjipanteli

Tbh I think it’s kind of hot to be called a monster

A post shared by Sophia Hadjipanteli 🌼☠️🌸 (@sophiahadjipanteli) on Feb 19, 2018 at 1:09pm PST

“When you live in a world where the next best thing is just a scroll away, it can be really intimidating for people who have not entirely developed their self-confidence yet,” the model told Health. “We end up hiding things online and only show what we think will have the best response. This is definitely a cycle I fell victim to until I started the #UnibrowMovement.”

Nova Galaxia

“Women shouldn’t have to shave if they choose not to, but what about those of us who have way more hair than what is considered socially acceptable?” she wrote in a blog post for Graceless. “What about us women with dark, thick tummy and chest hair? What about us women who are fully capable of growing a big, bushy beard?”

Scarlett Costello

Preferred eyebrow half

A post shared by @ scarlettcostello on Mar 19, 2018 at 7:54am PDT

“Preferred eyebrow half,” she captioned this fierce and proud image of her unibrow.

Shelly Riner

“I’ve always had a lot of dark, coarse hair all over my body: on my arms, my legs, my armpits, you name it,” she told Health. “I’m the type of person who generally doesn’t care what others think of me, so making the choice to let my hair grow wasn’t earth-shattering.”

Little Bear Schwarz

“Yes, I have a beard due to my polycystic [ovarian] syndrome,” she told Health. “But it’s not in and of itself deleterious to my health, nor is it a ‘mistake,’ a ‘joke,’ a ‘tragedy’ or a subversion TO or a detraction FROM my womanhood. On the contrary it is beautiful, natural, and the crowning glory OF my womanhood.”

J.D. Samson

“Before I was proud of my facial hair, I tried to mask it as much as possible,” Samson told Marie Claire last November. “I definitely took the advice of my mother and sister about when I was supposed to bleach it.”

Femina Flower

“Can i call myself super human if i have quite the cutest little nose hairs, a baby mustache surrounded by rather shaping facial hair (i swear its coming in nice), hella blemishes, and unplucked eyebrows that resemble those furry caterpillars we’ve always been afraid of having on our faces?” she captioned this Instagram photo.

Iskra Lawrence Shares Unedited Photos of Her Cellulite and Back Rolls to Send a Message About Confidence

We can’t get enough of her inspirational words and those “tiger stripes.”

Iskra Lawrence is showing off her “tiger stripes” to help people feel more comfortable and confident on social media. She took the snaps “in Vegas flexin on the gram with my lil back rolls and thick thighs and cel-u-lit.”

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Her motto? No airbrushing, no problem. “I do wonder how many posts that start like this are actually for real,” the self-care advocate and Aerie model wrote under a series of photos of herself in a black bikini. Her point? To call out how so many shots like the ones she posted have the so-called body flaws airbrushed out of them.

Iskra also emphasized that just because she’s revealing her cellulite and other supposed imperfections, it’s totally fine for others not to. “ALSO don’t feel pressure to post swim or underwear pics for likes, follows or because u see people like me doing it. Your comfort and confidence is wayyyy more important, so stay true to you.”

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Lawrence is all about breaking down social media standards and encouraging people to strive for happiness, not perfection. Last September, she provided before-and-after photos to explain how others manipulate their poses on social media. And back in 2016, Lawrence wrote an article for Harper’s BAZAAR about handling her body insecurities.

“I decided to rename my cellulite ‘tiger stripes’ and my stretch marks ‘lightning bolts’ (and even use colorful emojis on Instagram to describe them), as a way to take ownership of my body,” she wrote. “Who decided that these should be considered flaws? They are part of our bodies and we can celebrate them anyway we want.”

I Finally Have Flawless Skin, and It’s Because of This Skincare Routine

This article originally appeared on

It’s maddening to spend money on beauty product after beauty product without any results. I’ve had terribly dry skin since I can remember, and bad acne whenever my period would roll around. I felt like I was always waiting for my next breakout or spell of dry, flaky skin that I couldn’t get rid of. I started taking skincare really seriously about three years ago when I got into beauty. Putting in the time to look at ingredients and research how they could benefit my skin (or not) helped me pare down my skincare routine. Now, I use a small collection of products every day. Since starting this routine, the results have been amazing. 

Besides mascara and some eyebrow tint, I’m not wearing any makeup. Which (let me tell you) hasn’t always been the case. Since I started using these products in my daily skincare routine, breaking out is out of the ordinary for me. Dry skin? It’s a thing of the past, even in the wintertime. I haven’t strayed from the routine for awhile now and I don’t think I ever will. I listed all the products I use below and why I use them. Although they can be expensive, good skincare products that you believe in are worth the price. I’m not only more confident (thanks to these products) but far more aware of what I’m putting on my skin and how it’s affecting me. After going through countless other products, I can feel the difference. Trust me, once you find products that work, it’s hard to forget them.

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