See How This Fitness Influencer Hid Her Bloat to Make It Look Like She Had a ‘Flatter Tummy’

So, I have a secret ……… did you know that if you hike your waistband up, you can create the illusion of a flatter tummy? ??? (but in all seriousness, high waisted pants really do work miracles.) . . Everyone’s body is different and everyone stores fat differently. Like a lot of women, I tend to store extra fat in my belly. Just like anyone else, I also bloat. A lot. One mini club sub Mike’s Way on a wheat roll and BAM lookin 5 months pregnant ?? and, just like anyone, I get really self-conscious about my excess belly fat ? But I’ve learned 3 really important things about my tummy throughout my fitness journey: . 1. You can’t spot reduce fat. I used to do endless crunches and eat terribly and expect to wake up with a six pack. I wish it worked like that; you actually have to follow a healthy diet and burn fat through physical activity, be it cardio, HIIT, strength training, or whatever it is you like to do. . 2. you don’t NEED to have a perfectly flat, super-defined tummy to be fit or to be happy. You also don’t need to let insecurity hold you back. Lately I’ve been noticing that when I’m super bloated I feel super self-conscious and I let that ruin the productivity of my gym sessions. That’s rLY SILLY isn’t it?! ? . 3. The people you see on social media showing off their amazing abs bloat too. I know this seems stupidly obvious, especially with all of the posts we see on social media showing off bloated vs non-bloated stomachs, but honestly, I’m grateful that this message continues to get passed around, because when I was just starting out on my fitness journey I literally thought that if you did lots of abs exercises you would have a six-pack 24/7 ? dont you dare compare yourself ? . . lighting, high-waisted leggings, the time of day, angles, genetics, body fat %, what you ate and when you ate it all affect the visibility of abs. Never ever ever confuse belly bloat for a lack of progress, and never ever ever let it hold you back! ??‍♀️ and don’t get discouraged if you have an extremely difficult time banishing belly fat; it can be the mostttttt stubborn and, for me, it’s alwayssssss the very last thing to go whenever I’m trying to lean out

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